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    Bob Trine MBA

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Los Angeles

    With decades of experience in biotech commercialization, consulting, healthcare, and software operations, Bob has successfully built, scaled, and replicated many innovations. He is especially proud of:

    Industry Firsts: Global Biotech Ops platform, Cost modeling from Deep Space

    to Large Molecule, Enterprise OLAP Forecasting, CRM Solutions.

    Envision: $40M industry leading renewable energy program at Gundersen.

    Respecting Choices: Scaling community-based Advance Care Planning to

    330 Institutions in 45 States, Exiting to C-TAC.

    Van Krishnamoorthy MD

    Co-Founder & President

    New York

    Van draws energy from his home of New York, whether at a HIIT gym in Brooklyn or coffee shop in Manhattan. Van began his career in the Ivies, first on the faculty at Yale University and then Columbia University. Inspired by his efforts improving Quality at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Van decided to take his creativity into digital health and pharmaceutical trials by helping Bristol Myers Squibb and venture backed health tech startups. Then, the unexpected happened - Dr Van received the diagnosis of a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure. In classic entrepreneurial style, Van responded by Co-Founding trineOMICS (Tap Clarity is a trineOMICS brand) to address a disease that is preventable - heart disease.

    Greg Gibson PhD



    Dr Gibson is Professor of Biological Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As Director of the Center of Integrative Genomics, Dr Gibson is at the forefront of discovering how to use genes and gene expression to prevent, diagnose, and monitor diseases.

    Matt Budoff MD


    Los Angeles

    Dr Budoff is Professor of Medicine at UCLA. His research, documented in 1000 scientific publications, has defined the value of the Heart Calcium Scan (CAC Scan).

    Pranjal Mittal MS


    Los Angeles

    Pranjal is an engineer at GoodRx.

    Abinash Panda



    Abinash is Co-Founder and CEO of Prodios Labs.

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