• If only they had a test back then...

    Sure they told you your ancestry. But you want more...

    Brilliant! You've discovered our DNA test for heart health!

    Embank on your personalized health transformation today!

  • How the Magic Works


    Select the Source

    Select the name of the company that gave you DNA results. Currently, we support 23andMe and will soon add Helix, Ancestry.com and others!

    Upload DNA File

    Upload the file that has your DNA info. We will apply our fancy math to expand upon the data you got from others and calculate your heart score.


    View your results to discover the secrets your DNA holds about your heart health!

  • Share Your Heart Story

    We will be launching a podcast so folks can share their heart stories. Have a personal experience with heart attacks? Looking for better, connected options to address heart health? Excited by your solutions to gaps in the system? Let us know!


    We want to create a community of support and innovation. Reach out and let's discuss.  Together, we will end surprise heart attacks.

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