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Power of DNA on Heart Health

Your DNA is very powerful. Not just for things like hair color or eye color, but for common diseases that plague our great country. A prime exxample - heart disease, which is the focus of our startup, trineOMICS. Specifically, I am referring to atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, which occurs when plaque forms in the blood vessels that suppy the the heart. This plaque narrows these blood vessels an causes heart attacks. Not only is heart disease common, but 50% of all heart attacks are surprises. That means every 2 minutes, a friend, colleagues, or loved one has a surprise heart attack.

Each year, there are 250,000 surprise heart attacks in our country

This fact makes me quite angry! Why? Well, back in my past life as a subspecialized academic radiologist on the faculties of Yale and Columbia Universities, I took pride in provided advanced, personalized, imaging to folks who already had disease. These patients absolutely benefited from the fantastic specialized team based care we provided. Yet, as we all know, heart attacks are mostly preventable. Furthermore, diseases likes fatty liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure are strongly related to heart disease. My conscience told me that I needed to do more and help a wider population.

$200,000,000,000 in annual healthcare costs and lost productivity from preventable chronic diseases

Overall, 1 in 4 of us has a traditional risk for heart disease. We are told that our lifestyles are to blame and that we just need to eat right, exercise, and stress less. Wow, that's all? Millennia-old philosophies have been trying to decipher the formula for achieving that state of tranquility. Books are written about this stuff. Movements are created - like ours here at trineOMICS. And we are confident you will succeed participating in our consumer movement.

Let's unpack why we are so bullish on our vision. The missing piece of the puzzle is DNA! Research by our friend, Dr Mike Inouye, shows how much our DNA effects our risk for heart disease. He and his team ran a score using samples from 482,629 people in the UK BioBank. Based on almost 2 million DNA varraints, this score is a stronger risk factor for heart disease than smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes! Yes, that's right - those risk factors we were told about that are lifestyle based - well, our DNA has an even stronger impact on forming heart disease!

Risk of heart disease vs age curve from Dr Inouye's research. The example shows that a 55 year old man with a DNA based (genomic) score in the top 20% actualy has the risk of 70 year old man in the bottom 20%!

Dr Inouy'e's conclusions from his pioneering research are truly revolutionary. Contrary to what we were told in the past, we now know that DNA alone can shape your risk for heart disease. If you have a high score on our genomic test, then the lifestyle related diseases like high blood pressure and risks like smoking or unhealthy nutirtion will harm you even more! We are born with DNA based risk and our actions build upon that risk.

So, research is interesting. You may be thinking - it takes years, decades even, to go form research to better clinical care. Fear not, my friend! As we at trineOMICS are here to empower your heart health journey with consumer solutions!

First Step

Pre-order you heart genomics score here. We will deliver the test kit to you in early 2019 and then connect you to personalized services like Healthy Nutirtion Habits, Preventive Cardiology, and Employer Sponsored Benefits to cover your healthy activites! The future is yours - jump on board!

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