• The Power of Family

    We share our lives with our loved ones. Together, we emjoy the celebrations and support through the down times.


    WIth family, we build resiliance, strength, and love.

  • An Unwanted Surprise


    What if a family member has a heart attack...


    Are you at risk for heart disease as well?

    Is heart disease genetic?

  • Heart Attacks: A Common Problem

    1 Heart Attack Every 40 seconds


    A Bad Surprise

    In our country (US), 50% of heart attacks are surprises. We find this reality unacceptable when heart attacks are mostly preventable!


    Deaths Under Age 65

    Each year, 33% (1 out of 3) cardiovascular deaths in our country are in individuals under age 65. That equals about 160,000 deaths under age 65.


    Heart Attacks Under Age 45

    Ancestry matters. For example, 33% of the heart attacks in folks of South Asian descent occur under age 45.

  • Born This Way

    We inherit our DNA from our biological parents. That means we share a lot of DNA in common with our parents, siblings, and children.

  • Heart Risk Quantified

    Your DNA influences your heart health and predisposition to heart disease. Our test looks for over 1.7 million DNA variants.

    We have proven in a scientific study that our teat is the strongest risk for heart disease.

  • Easy Steps to Get Your Results

    Saliva Kit Shipped to You

    Spit in a Tube

    Send Back Your Saliva

    We Notify You of Results

    View Your Results

  • Personalized Prevention

    Armed with your Tap Clarity Heart Health score, you can empower your future health with devices and services tailored to your unique story.


    Personalized Knowledge

    We will connect you to healthcare professionals and send you curated content to enhance your health journey.


    Personalized Devices

    We will help you choose the best health devices, like fitness trackers and smart pill bottles so that you and your Heart Center team can work together to monitor your progress.


    Personalized Nutrition

    The food we eat play a critical role in our health. We will coach you to establish or maintain healthy nutrition habits.

  • Our Mission

    We believe you have unique powers!

    Leverage what we have learned the hard way.

    Discover the secrets hidden in your DNA and unleash your powers to achieve better health

    Dr Van's Personal Story

    A Personal Story Without a Personalized Solution

    Dr Van (right in the photo), Co-Founder of trineOMICS, found out that he has a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure. Genetic analysis showed a mutation in a part of his DNA but no one knows what that DNA codes. Frustrating right?


    Dr Van decided to to channel his frustration into creating a platform that enables folks to personalize their experience for a disease that is preventable - heart disease. That is his super power - creating lemonade out of lemons!

    Bob's Personal Story

    A Personalized Genomics Solution

    Bob (right in the photo), Co-Founder of trineOMICS, is proud of his low Tap Clarity score! Our Tap Clarity heart health score showed he has an extremely low lifetime risk for developing heart disease. After decades of training his brain to be calm, Bob had a had a Heart Calcium Scan at LA BioMed with world expert Dr Matt Budoff. His score was only 1! Makes sense right? Bob's super power - mindfullness.


    DNA is the strongest single risk factor for heart disease. We believe, armed with the knowledge of your risk, you will develop your own super power to counteract that risk and transform into an even better you!

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