• We are on a mission to end suprise heart attacks

    Dr Matt Budoff

    World Expert in the Heart Disease Screening and Prevention


    Professor of Medicine @ UCLA

  • A Common Problem

    1 Heart Attack Every 40 seconds


    A Bad Surprise

    In our country (US), 50% of heart attacks are surprises. We find this reality unacceptable when heart attacks are mostly preventable!


    Deaths Under Age 65

    Each year, 33% (1 out of 3) cardiovascular deaths in our country are in individuals under age 65. That equals about 160,000 deaths under age 65.


    Heart Attacks Under Age 45

    Ancestry matters. For example, 33% of the heart attacks in folks of South Asian descent occur under age 45.

  • Should You Get A Heart Calcium Scan?

    If you are at least 40 years wise and have any of the risks below, you may benefit from a scan

    Current smoker.

    Former smoker.

    High blood pressure.

    Taking medication for high blood pressure.

    High cholesterol.

    Taking medication for high cholesterol.



    Male relative who had a heart attack under 55 years of age.

    Female relative who had a heart attack under 65 years of age.

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

    Women 40 years and wiser with current or prior PCOS

    Gestational diabetes

    Women 40 years and wiser with a history of gestational diabetes

    Gestational high blood pressure

    Women 40 years and wiser with a history of gestational hypertension

  • How It Works

    Simple steps to obtain your CAC scan.



    Pick a desired location and pay online for your scan.



    Call the number on your email receipt to schedule your appointment.



    Go to the scanning center and get scanned.



    Discuss your results with your Cardiologist.

  • Los Angeles Area Heart Calcium Scan.

    Dr Matt Budoff's heart center at LA BioMed

  • Q & A

    Commonly asked questions

    Can I get a refund or return my purchase?

    Yes, if you do not qualify for the scan. We will then refund your full purchase price including taxes.

    How do I schedule my CAC scan?

    Please call the phone number on your confirmation email to schedule an appointment for your scan. We will soon have electronic scheduling to further simplify the process!

    Should I discuss my results with my healthcare provider?

    Definitely! In fact, you may want to find a Cardiologist if you don't already have one.

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