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    Your Tap Clarity heart health DNA test not only reveals your predisposition for heart disease but also your heritage! Coded into your DNA is info that shows the places your ancestors lived.


    Combine your Tap Clarity results with your TravNow benefits and you'll be embarking on many adventures around the world!

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    Get your Tap Clarity heart health test. In addition to your heart health results, you'll get ancestry for FREE!


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    While you wait for your Tap Clarity results, activate your TravNow benefit in your PHD account. TravNow gives discounts and points for travel.


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    Automatically earn 1 utilization activity credit for buying Tap Clarity.

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    After your review your Tap Clarity results, you can explore travel deals at TravNow to visit the places of your roots. Then, bask in the limelight as your friends and family love your Instagram posts on your many travel adventures!

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    We believe you have unique powers!

    Leverage what we have learned the hard way.

    Discover the secrets hidden in your DNA and unleash your powers to achieve better health

    Dr Van's Personal Story

    A Personal Story Without a Personalized Solution

    Dr Van (right in the photo), Co-Founder of trineOMICS, found out that he has a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure. Genetic analysis showed a mutation in a part of his DNA but no one knows what that DNA codes. Frustrating right?


    Dr Van decided to to channel his frustration into creating a platform that enables folks to personalize their experience for a disease that is preventable - heart disease. That is his super power - creating lemonade out of lemons!

    Bob's Personal Story

    A Personalized Genomics Solution

    Bob (right in the photo), Co-Founder of trineOMICS, is proud of his low Tap Clarity score! Our Tap Clarity heart health score showed he has an extremely low lifetime risk for developing heart disease. After decades of training his brain to be calm, Bob had a had a Heart Calcium Scan at LA BioMed with world expert Dr Matt Budoff. His score was only 1! Makes sense right? Bob's super power - mindfullness.


    DNA is the strongest single risk factor for heart disease. We believe, armed with the knowledge of your risk, you will develop your own super power to counteract that risk and transform into an even better you!

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