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  • PCOS Hurts Your Heart

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / Disease Causes Insulin Resistance


    Your body regulates your blood sugar by producing a hormone called insulin. When you eat and the amount of sugar in the blood goes up, your body releases insulin to bring send sugar from your blood into cells throughout your body so that your cells can use the sugar to make energy.

    High Insulin

    In PCOS, you have high levels of insulin because your cells become resistant to insulin. High levels of insulin cause your androgen hormone levels to go up. Unfortunately, in PCOS, you already have high androgen hormone production. The combined effect is a vicious cycle.

    Blood Vessel Plaque

    When your cells are resistant to insulin, the sugar stays in your blood instead of going into cells where it can be used. The resulting elevated levels of blood sugar wreak havoc on your blood vessels. Blood vessels like the ones that supply your heart (coronary arteries) form fatty plaques that narrow the arteries. This narrowing of the heart arteries from fatty plaque is called heart disease (specifically, atherosclerotic coronary artery disease)

    Heart Attack

    As your heart arteries narrow from fatty plague, the amount of blood getting to your heart goes down. When one or more of the heart arteries gets totally blocked by plaque, then you get a heart attack.

  • Heart Attacks: A Common Problem

    1 Heart Attack Every 40 seconds


    A Bad Surprise

    In our country (US), 50% of heart attacks are surprises. We find this reality unacceptable when heart attacks are mostly preventable!


    Deaths Under Age 65

    Each year, 33% (1 out of 3) cardiovascular deaths in our country are in individuals under age 65. That equals about 160,000 deaths under age 65.


    Heart Attacks Under Age 45

    Ancestry matters. For example, 33% of the heart attacks in folks of South Asian descent occur under age 45.

  • Heart Attacks are common, but you are unique. We are here to reveal more about you so that you can pursue a lifetime of health and wellness.

    Our DNA Heart Health Risk score compares you to hundreds of thousands of other folks!

    Level up with the story your DNA tells about your heart health and personalize your journey with that knowledge!

  • Heart Health Risks

    Clinical Study with 482,629 People in the UK BioBank


    Strongest Risk

    Our DNA based heart health score is the strongest risk factor for heart disease.

    High Blood Pressure, Obesity

    2nd Place for Risk


    3rd Place


    4th Place


    Powerful Big Data Science

    Dr Mike Inouye from the University of Cambridge validated our genomic score by testing it on a massive data set from the UK BioBank, which has 482,629 participants

  • Heart Health

    Your DNA influences your heart health and predisposition to heart problems. Our test looks for over 1.7 million DNA variants, which is why it is the best test available.

  • Easy Steps to Get Your Results

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  • Personalized Prevention

    Armed with your Tap Clarity Heart Health score, you can empower your future health with devices and services tailored to your unique story.


    Personalized Knowledge

    We will help you find the best healthcare providers.


    Personalized Devices

    We will help you choose the best health devices, like fitness trackers and smart pill bottles so that you and your healthcare team can work together to monitor your progress.


    Personalized Nutrition

    The food we eat plays a critical role in our health. We will coach you to establish or maintain healthy nutrition habits.

  • Our Mission

    We believe in a future free of chronic diseases, in which each of us can pursue our hopes and dreams unhindered by the suffering and financial burden of preventable disease like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fatty liver disease. We believe in a world in which preventive healthcare is embodied in a lifelong journey personalized to each unique person based on their DNA.

    Dr Van's Personal Story

    A Personal Story Without a Personalized Solution

    Dr Van (right in the photo), Co-Founder of trineOMICS, found out that he has a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure. Genetic analysis showed a mutation in a part of his DNA but no one knows what that DNA codes. Frustrating right?


    Dr Van decided to to channel his frustration into creating a platform that enables folks to personalize their experience for a disease that is preventable - heart disease. That is his super power - creating lemonade out of lemons!

    Bob's Personal Story

    A Personalized Genomics Solution

    Bob (right in the photo), Co-Founder of trineOMICS, is proud of his low Tap Clarity score! Our Tap Clarity heart health score showed he has an extremely low lifetime risk for developing heart disease. After decades of training his brain to be calm, Bob had a had a Heart Calcium Scan at LA BioMed with world expert Dr Matt Budoff. His score was only 1! Makes sense right? Bob's super power - mindfullness.


    DNA is the strongest single risk factor for heart disease. We believe, armed with the knowledge of your risk, you will develop your own super power to counteract that risk and transform into an even better you!

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